Validations for the Commerce Degree taught by the E.U.E.E.

The Governing Council of the University of Vigo, at its meeting of July 23, 2008, approved the Guidelines for the Transfer and Recognition of Credits for Qualifications Adapted to E.E.E.S. These Guidelines were subsequently supplemented by the following regulations:


These guidelines establish the following basic rules:

  • Whenever the Degree for which access is required belongs to the same branch of knowledge, credits corresponding to core subjects in said branch will be duly recognized.
  • Credits obtained in other core subjects belonging to the same branch of knowledge as the Degree being studied will also be recognised.
  • The rest of the credits may be recognized by the University taking into account adaptation of the skills and expertise associated with other subjects taken by the student and those provided for in the curriculum.

Subsequently academic recognition in credits was also regulated for participation in university, cultural, sporting and student representation-related activities, up to a maximum of 6 credits from the total curriculum. These credits will be deducted from the computation of optional credits to be taken by the student. The guidelines can be consulted at:

Core Commerce Degree courses

Core courses provided as part of the Commerce Degree is included in the following table:

Core Commerce Degree Courses
Field of Knowledge: Sciences
Subject Number of ECTS Credits
Mathematics 6
Field of Knowledge: Social and Legal Sciences
Mathematics: Statistics 6
Sociology: Consumer Sociology 6
Economics: Spanish and World Economics 6
Economics: Microeconomics 6
Economics: Macroeconomics 6
Company: Foundations of Marketing 6
Company: Principles of Responsible Management 6
Company: Commercial Mathematics 6
Company: Foundations of Accountancy 6
Total Number of Core Course Credits: 60 ECTS Credits


Validation of Credits in the Commerce Degree for Advanced Vocational Training.

In order to facilitate the continuation of their studies to the Advanced Vocational Training, the E.U.E.E. has approved a Schedule of Subject Validations for the Commerce Degree. That means that students that adhere to the cycles indicated below do not have to take them during their Degree: