General Information about the Commerce Degree taught at the E.U.E.E.

The Commerce Degree was born from adaptation to the European Higher Education Area of the Business Sciences Diploma, one of the most sought after degrees at the University of Vigo and, also, from amongst the Galician and Spanish youth as a whole, and which enjoys high levels of successful job placement for its graduates. The social and employment-related success of the studies provided by the University School of Business Studies (E.U.E.E.) of the University of Vigo and its long history have created a culture and a brand of prestige that influence the way in which it designs its degrees.

The principles upon which the design of the Commerce Degrees is based are:

  • Social and labour demand.
  • The importance given to transversality.
  • The E.U.E.E. tradition, culture and brand.
  • The comprehensive educating of our graduates is added to the solid general teaching of a corporate degree, oriented towards the business activities of an organization.


Fundamentally, the majority of graduates want their university careers to help them find employment, the best employment possible: stable, well-paid, a job that will enable them to promote and maximize their potential, interesting, creative, etc. The Commerce Degree belongs to the field of business and corporate studies, which has the highest demand in terms of job placement. In addition, it combines a balanced attention to marketing (which receives half of the job offers in Spain) with a general education, covering all areas of the company. By so doing, we expand the job market for our students, who can then work in an enormous variety of positions:

  • Commercial/Business Departments.
  • Accounts Departments.
  • Financial Departments.
  • Logistics Departments.
  • Taxation Departments.
  • Foreign Trade.

Thanks to this selection of subjects, the Business Studies Diploma, from which the Commerce Degree derives, was the most popular university degree in 2010. In addition, 20% of job offers require knowledge of English and IT skills are also very much in demand.

Comprehensive education

In order to ensure optimum employability of our students, we have combined all three elements to thereby make the study plan both balanced and original:

  • Marketing-oriented.
  • Attention to Corporate Departments and Duties.
  • The Significant Presence of Transversal Subjects.

This combination allows our graduates to increase their job prospects and better adapt to the labour market. In addition, it enables the student to lean towards the subject they feel most vocation for and even change roles throughout their careers. What's more, in many companies, particularly in SME's, technical personnel must master a wide range of duties relating to:

  • Purchasing.
  • Sales.
  • Stock Management.
  • Taxation.
  • Accountancy.
  • Finances.
  • Human Resources.
  • Etc.


It is perhaps the most differentiating feature of the Commerce Degree compared to other degrees in the business field. A transversal or multi-sectorial subject is one which provides expertise or competence in a large number of areas, positions or workplace circumstances. In addition, they reinforce and link expertise from other subjects. They therefore help the graduate to develop their full potential. The Commerce Degree includes within its study plan:

  • Languages.
  • Information Technology.
  • Compulsory Practicals.
  • Labor and Commercial Law.
  • Personal and Management Skills.
  • Sociology.
  • Integrated Management Systems.
  • Management of Public Subsidies.
  • Etc.


All of the degrees taught at the School since its creation have adhered to a coherent trajectory. This trajectory is the cornerstone, together with quality, of the centre's reputation. It is often former students of the School who, now in positions of responsibility within different companies, seek to cover their technical personnel needs with new graduates, based on the knowledge they have of the teaching practices of the centre and the confidence they deserve. For its consistency and the legacy it represents for our students, the Commerce Degree is based on the "School of Business" brand, from which entrepreneurs clearly distinguish:

  • Practical Nature of the Teaching.
  • Employability of the Study Plan.
  • Possibility of gaining a certain level of Work Experience through Company Practices.
  • Etc.

Additional information about the Commerce Degree

  • Type of Teaching: In person.
  • Field of Expertise: Social and Legal Sciences.
  • Number of New Places Offered: 120.
  • Languages in which the degree is taught: Castilian Spanish and Galician.1.
  • Date of Authorization for its Implementation by the Xunta de Galicia: 16th of September of 2010.
  • Date of Publication in the Official Gazette of Galicia: September 23rd, 2010.
  • Date of Latest Accreditation: 9th of June of 2010.
  • Minimum number of European Credits per Student and Course: according to regulations of the University of Vigo2.


1.- The study plan includes three foreign language subjects that total ECTS credits and are taught in the chosen language (English, French or German), in addition to other complementary activities, for the students who study them.

2.- The guidelines of the University of Vigo establish that a student may enrol full time (60 credits), or part time without a minimum number of credits, always providing the student can justify why they are unable to complete the full time enrolment. The centre will decide on the application and in no case will the first-term part-time enrolment exceed 15% of the new entry places offered (18 places in the case of the Commerce Degree). The maximum number of credits with which a student can enrol is 75 (72 in the case of the Commerce Degree). Students that do not exceed 6 ECTS credits must reapply the following year. Consult the full University of Vigo guidelines.

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