External Academic In-Company Placements for the Commerce Degree taught at the E.U.E.E.

  • The External In-Company Placements provided for in the Commerce Degree are part of the curriculum and, therefore, compulsory.
  • The External In-Company Placements will be carried out only in the companies and institutions that have signed the Placement Agreement with the University of Vigo.
  • Its maximum duration will be 180 hours and its content will be oriented towards the application of theoretical and practical knowledge acquired during the different courses.
  • The Application Period for External In-Company Placements will be open throughout the academic year and its implementation will be tutored academically by a teacher and by a comnpany tutor.
  • The corresponding Vice Principal will be in charge of managing the External Placements (receiving applications from students and companies, awarding placements bearing in mind the requirements established by the companies, as well as the preferences of the students), as well monitoring same.
  • Students can propose companies for their placements, with an essential condition being signature of the Placements Agreements with the University of Vigo.
  • Students who have professional experience of more than six months in activities clearly related to their degree may apply for Placement Validation.
  • Likewise, students who practice extracurricular activities may be able to apply for Placement Validation provided they comply with duration and content requirements.


Guidelines Relating to External Placements

The applicable guidelines for External Placements of university students are as follows:

Specific information about procedures, regulations, agreements, etc is available at the Vice Rector for Knowledge Transfer.

Procedure for undertaking External Academic Placements

Any students wishing to undertake External Academic Placements in Companies must deposit the necessary documentation with the Centre at the beginning of the first term, or at the beginning of the second term. The dates will be communicated in a timely manner.

Application for External Academic Placement

The documentation required is as follows:

Allocation of Students to External Academic Placements

The pre-assignment of students to External Academic Placements will be carried out by the corresponding Vice Principal and taking into account the following criteria:

  • In accordance with the academic record obtained up to date of placement announcement.
  • In accordance with the number of credits achieved.
  • In accordance with the requirements of the company and the place of residence of the student.
  • Other criteria.


In any event, the definitive selection of company/student will fall to the two parties themselves, in other words, it will be the company and the student who must reach an agreement. From this moment on, the student must take care of all the necessary documentation to formalize the placement. If a student organised a placement on their own initiative within a specific institution or company, they will have the preferential right to do said placement within that institution or company, once a Placement Agreement has been signed with the University of Vigo. As a qualifying condition, a certificate will be required identifying both the company and the person in charge, indicating the department where the placement will be carried out and the tasks that will be performed. The certificate will be accompanied by the documentation presented by the student for subsequent evaluation.

Validation of External Academic Placements

Company placements can be validated by students who perform degree-related tasks and who at the time of their application have been hired or are taking advantage of a Placement Exchange.

In this case, the documentation that the student must provide is the following:

  • Social Security employment history or copy of Intern Accreditation.
  • Certificate of the company where they work, with an indication of the department in which the placement is being undertaken and the duties being performed.
  • These students should contact their tutor to compile a report, since their assessment will be carried out adhering to the same requirements as the students on placements. However, they do not have to submit company, student or tutor evaluations.

Approval of External Academic Placements

The documents that the student must submit in full are:

  • Document for Approval of External Academic Placement in Companies (D4): This document will be signed by the company (with seal, signature and date) and the student. 3 original copies will be delivered to the Centre's Concierge for signature by the School Directorate. A copy will be mailed to the student and another to the company.
  • A document or photocopy that confirms payment of the school's insurance policy.

Monitoring and Evaluation of External Academic Placements.

Documents relating to External Academic Placements