Commerce Degree - End of Degree Project (E.D.P.)

The student will approach the End of Degree Project (E.D.P.) individually and autonomously. The work will be original and comprehensive in nature, demonstrating the skills and abilities acquired throughout the degree course.

In order to undertake the E.D.P., the student must be enrolled in all subjects required to complete the curriculum, taking into account the University of Vigo's enrolment limitation, which is 72 E.C.T.S. credits.

The End of Degree Project (E.D.P.) is a subject for all pertinent purposes, therefore matriculation will be the same as for any other, with two opportunities for evaluation within the same academic year.

The centre will publish a calendar indicating the dates of each and every one of the deadlines within the E.D.P. preparation process.

The teaching staff will propose topics or thematic blocks for the E.D.P. Likewise, a student may propose a specific topic, which must then have the approval of a teacher who will act as tutor.

The E.D.P. can only be presented and defended before a tribunal, individual or collegiate, when the teacher / tutor considers it appropriate and when all necessary credits have been obtained.

End of Degree Project (E.D.P.) Guidelines


End of Degree Project (E.D.P.) Calendar

Forms and Documents relating to the End of Degree Project (E.D.P.)

The forms and documents related to the EDP will be made available to the students via the MOOVI platform.